Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haiku: The Mountains and valleys when the light came.

Chad Alexander Worden aka Sado Hiroshi


The snow has fallen
on the mountains and valleys.
The earth has grown cold.

Inside the mountain
a fire still burns with great heat
and promise of Spring.

Suddenly a light
appears on the horizon.
The ice melts away.

Grasses green burst forth
covering the mountain sides
in a verdant sea.

Hidden blossoms bloom
and give their rare, sweet fragrance
to the light alone.

The light and the earth
dance the rhythm of passion.
A new love is born.

The love is nurtured.
A frail and small life comes forth.
Light and earth rejoice.

The passions ignite
through the difficult Spring storms
bringing life again.

Two lives brought forth now.
Spring slips away to Summer.
The time of bounty.

Light and earth provide
for the two new lives with them
and their love matures.

Summer's heat wears on.
The light bears down on the earth.
The earth becomes dry.

The dry earth bears dust.
Clouds begin to form above.
A great storm draws near.

The fierce light rages on.
The fragile lives cry softly.
The earth draws within.

A terrible heat
stirs anew in the mountain.
Magma burns below.

The grasses are scorched.
The flowers wilt in the heat.
The light still rages on.

What once gave such life,
now steadily burns it all.
The earth moans in pain.

The mountain's seams split.
Fire bursts forth from its bowels.
The storm has arrived.

Smoke, steam, and lava.
The eruption blackens sky.
The light and life flee.

The earth weeps cold tears.
The tears cover the lava.
The fires are smothered.

The tears continue.
The earth is flooded by them.
The land is scoured.

The sky is pitch black.
Tears begin to turn to ice.
Earth grows cold again.

The fire below, gone.
The passions of the mountain
have all turned to ash.

With its passion gone,
the mountain is empty now.
A barren, cold shell.

The mountain may fall.
It may crumble and lie dead.
A field for flowers.

For now, the earth waits.
Hope that the light will return
and life will come back.

The earth still feels love.
A longing to return there.
To the light and life.

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