Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My mother continued...

Tracy Morse November 24 at 1:31pm
what threats ???
I want your car moved. you need help, go to mental health counsler before you allenate everyone around you. I can not be taking advantage of. Thats what you are doing.
Chad Worden November 25 at 2:20pm
You threatened to tow my vehicle, remember? Either I move it or you tow it is what you stated in your message. Look it over if you don't believe me. I cannot currently move it. I did not park it in your yard either. It is in your driveway in the exact location you directed me to park it, even though I told you I would be unable to move it afterward until it was repaired. You did agree to it. You insisted on it being where it was even after I pointed out the difficulties with it being there and getting your jeep out. I had wanted to park it behind the storage trailer out of the way, but you told me no because that was where you wanted your white vehicle parked.

I didn't think I was speaking or behaving in a manner consistent with needing to be seeing another therapist. The last time I went to one I was told to socialize and express myself to others, as I have done through blogging.

My intention is not to alienate others but rather be understood and completely transparent as to my position on things. I am tired of two-faced individuals, so I lay it all out for the world to see... emotionally speaking.

Also, how am I taking advantage of you? I have asked for you to hold my things and it appears to be that you are more interested in using my things being there as form of coercion. Now I'm not saying that is what you are doing, but it does seem to be a trend with you. I apologize if this is not the case.

In regards to your kidney failure, I have offered you in the past if you needed an organ donor that all you had to do was ask. If I can be of assistance in that regard, you already have my blood type information and other medical data with which to figure out a match.

I regret to tell you I will be unable to make Thanksgiving dinner either. Please extend my regards to family and friends. Should you wish a recipe from me, let me know and I will email one to you.

On a different subject, how is Jacob doing? I never received a response from the present I sent him on Facebook. My connection is kinda of crappy so it may have flubbed the invite, but hopefully not.

Anyways, I'll talk to you later. Hopefully when you're in a better mood you'll be less inclined towards having my vehicle towed.


AllyR1963 said...

I really hate the way your mom treats you sweetie. She knows you don't have the money to come back up here & get your truck fixed so you can move it...yet she still threatens to tow it? That is completely ridiculous!! As far as your mental state....well, considering everything you've gone through, I think you're doing very well. And I'm SO GLAD to be here for you to talk about nnything & everything....You can always count on me to be a shoulder to lean on.
Love You Dearly! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

I hate that too, i am so sorry your mom is not there for you when needed, it is important for family to be there for family when in need and what every they are going through. Who do you have if you do not have family??? Chad you have me for sure!!! I will and no matter what be here for you through your hard time and your happy times. I think there is nothing wrong with you mentally!! You are going through a lot and when you love someone and want to be with them for ever but they don't it hurts a lot and it rips your heart and it take a lot of time to heal and you need all the love and support from family and friends I have been through it twice now and its harder and hurts a long time. But like i said i am here for you and forever!!!! Love you and be safe!!! Leebones38