Monday, April 19, 2010

My visitation today never happened...

Because my last visitation was canceled by David Pate's office, specifically by Cathy his secretary due to him having a new client run longer in session than was intended, I was supposed to have visitation today. Lo and behold, they never called today. So I am denied my rights towards my children once again.

If anyone wants his information so they can inform him of his error or his office on my behalf, here it is:

David Pate
Manchester Family Counseling Center

104 East High Street
Manchester, TN 37355-1525
(931) 723-0380

Every time I call to remind them, they get pissed off at me. If I call early, they complain. If I call on time, they tell me they are running late. It is honestly ridiculous.

Seriously, I went through Anger Management with this guy after Azalia requested it and he said I didn't need it. So what gives?

So is this some kind of test? Like, is this specifically to provoke a reaction out of me?

Fine, here's a reaction for you: That is childish and sadistic. These are my children we are talking about, not pawns in some twisted game.

You don't use children like that. It's sick. It's incredibly damaging and abusive to the children.

Eventually, karma will catch up to you. It'll pop up in different ways; but the more misery you create, the more misery you'll wallow in. You'll find more and more troubles fall your way, whether by impaired health or financial woes, you only reap what you sow.

That's why I try to do good things for people and cheer up those who I know are going through hard times themselves. Pay it forward. That's why I extended trust even when I had no reason to. Those who broke it, well... karma will catch up to you. Enjoy your own personal Hell, I'm going to try to make the best of what I can.

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