Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Notice Of Pending Action Service To Process

When my mother and sister came home, a "Notice Of Pending Action Service To Process" was taped on the door. They sent me a message on Facebook telling me it say's to call 810-691-9844 and ask for Abby. It claims I must call within 24hrs. It was left at 3:40pm. It says I need to schedule an appointment to receive my copy of the papers. It claims that no info regarding the documents will be provided over the phone. Though it continues to state that I may have whomever I like at the meeting. It sternly warns that failure to call may be interpreted as my intention to resist or oppose service of process.

Mind you I haven't actually seen this document, this is just what was described to me. My mother was pissed off that it was taped to the back door of her house, an act she considers trespassing. She called the number to complain, but only got an answering machine. I called when I got the message and got an answering machine as well.

I'm guessing this is likely from Azalia's attorney. The last time he and I spoke, he was very unprofessional. He even hung up on me, claiming he didn't have to talk to me. Since I'm forced to represent myself due to Azalia stealing all of our joint assets, I was kind of under the impression that we did have to speak together in order to negotiate a settlement to the divorce.

Forgive me for an all inclusive statement, but I honestly think all lawyers are scumbags. Perhaps there are exceptions to that rule, but I've yet to meet one who wasn't akin to a grease-spot in demeanor. I tried to be nice to this particular one, because "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar" as my Grandmother Worden always used to say, but from the start he has been difficult.

He was gleeful over the entire process. From the first time I saw him he was happy as a clam that I was miserable and not interested one wit in resolving this matter quickly and with a minimum of pain and suffering on both sides of the board. I honestly believe that if I had a lawyer of my own, he'd be facing charges himself for some of the shit he's pulled.

So here I am: No clue what the hell is with the note on my mother's door, still haven't heard from the marriage counselor regarding my visitation, and still unemployed. You know what? Karma. I know what I have and haven't done and know what I'll honestly be receiving. Karma catches up to everyone.

You only reap what you sow...

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