Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One year ago today my life ended. One year ago today my children were ripped away from me by lies. One year ago today the person I loved and trusted with every breath of my being betrayed me in the worst way one can. One year ago today my soon to be ex-wife put into motion a plan she had been preparing for over two years. One year ago today Azalia lied and had me arrested. One year ago today Azalia Worden, my soon ex-wife, took $3000 out of my account and transferred it to hers and then locked me out of our joint assets. One year ago today Azalia and Chad Worden died, leaving behind our children Katerina and Alexander Worden and giving rise to what was underneath my wife. Call her Azalia Taylor now and call her murderer. Why did she do it? Money. A new lover. To open up doors through pity and martyrdom. So that she could have more control, like she always wanted. Maybe. She could have
told the truth at any time and ended this but she has too much pride. This is my one year aniversery.

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