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You are 50% Naughty

You are kind of naughty

People think you are a sweet and gentle person but look out because looks can be deceiving lurking deep inside you lays a naughty and wild person looking for new ways to rediscover how to be naughty. In public you maintain an appearance of elegance but behind closed doors you are an animal.

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Your are a 80
On the Kinkiness Meter
You are kinky
You are kinky but you hide it well. You have to be very comfortable with someone before they will ever see your kinky side. You have your limits on what you will try and it would be very hard for anyone to convince you to excide those limits and experiment beyond them.

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Your Bedroom Grade
Great Job!!
You pass with flying colors. You know how to please your partner. You are not afraid to try new things and ideas that may come to your mind or that someone may suggest to you. Your partner is never bored and always longs to get you in the bedroom for intimate, alone, time.

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Your a White Rose
A white rose, you represent humility, purity and innocence. Could there be a wedding in your future? There must be someone special that you are in love with very deeply. It is a young love that will bloom over time.

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You are 73% Lover
And 27% Fighter
You are more lover then fighter. You would rather snuggle up with that special someone at home then fight. You will fight when there is no other way out of it. Romantic candle light dinners are no stranger to you. You love the one you are with and make sure they know it with showers of gifts and affection.

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Personal Details
Ask me directly and I'll tell you
Hair color
Eye color
Wherever I lay my head is home.
Do you smoke?
Cigars, but rarely.
Do you drink?
Socially, but rarely.
Do you go to college?
Do you have a college degree?
Do you have kids?
Do you want kids?
How many kids do you have?
Do you like to travel?
Last place you visited?
Are you married?
Impeneding divorce
Do you want to get married?
How long have you been married?
Working on six years.
Are you single?
We are seperated at the moment.
Sex preferred?
Most desired personal trait?
Humor, loving and accepting personality.
Are you in love right now?
Most important thing in a relationship?
Truth, trust, love and communication.
Fun Facts
Home town
Flint, MI
High School you went too?
Mott Middle College
Who was your biggest crush?
Brenda Luhelier
Do you have a pet?
I did.
What kind of pet?
Three cats and six chickens.
What celebrity do you most look like?
Chris Jericho
Favorite Things
Favorite Color
Black, Purple, Forrest Green, Wine Red, Dark Blue, Gold and Silver.
Favorite Flower
Lilly of the Valley.
Favorite Drink
Long Island Iced Tea.
Daily Routines
What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Either next to the door or next to the wall.
What time do normally get up?
Earlier than I'd like to.
Do you like to sleep in?
First thing you do every morning?
Wake up.
How often do you go out?
Whenever I need or want to.
Do you go to the bar-club often?
Sexual Information
Sexual orientation
Do you sleep naked?
Turn Ons
Many and varied.
Turn Offs
Fecal play and golden showers.
Are you are virgin?
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
How many sexually partners have you had?
Over ten.
Favorite sex position
Depends on the partner.
Strangest place you have had sex?
In a hospital shower after an ultrasound.
Would you have sex on a first date?
During sex, lights on or off?
Preferably on, but partner's preference comes first.
Have you ever had group sex?
If not, do you want too?
I don't know.
Have you ever had sex with someone of the same sex?
Do you want to try having sex with someone of the same sex?
Do you like whips, chains, and leather?
Do you like to be tied up?
Not really.
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Your score is 187
You are a Sexpert!!!
You really know your stuff when it comes to sex. You are not afraid to try new things and experiment with sex. Your partner(s) will find themselves motionless and in awe after you have finished with them. With your level of knowledge hearing the words "OH MY GOD!" during sex is not an uncommon thing . Anyone lucky enough to experience sex with you will not be left unsatisfied.

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Romantic person

Romance is no stranger to you. You know what romance is all about and what to do even if you do not all the time. You mix romance in just the right amount to ensure that you do not smoother your partner and allow them to have some space from time to time. On special evenings you can make your partners heart melt with love and affection.

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Romantic kisser

You mix the right amount of passion and intensity in your kissing to make you a very good kisser. You can make someone fall madly in love with you with a single kiss. You must have a lot of experience in kissing and it shows. You love to kiss and be kissed, and your kissing is not limited to only on the mouth. You like to explore your partners body with your mouth and tongue.

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Not Selfish at all!!!!

Will always satisfy your partner.
Your not sexually selfish at all. Your partners happiness and satisfaction are foremost on your mind. Your attention to detail makes you a prize catch for any man/woman. Be cautious that you do not forget about your own desires and lose interest.

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Prefect Boyfriend

You are hot and on fire.
You are the ideal boyfriend. Any woman would be blessed to have you as their boyfriend. You will keep their interest with just enough mystery and appeal to keep them desiring more of you

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Your a House Cat

You are tame and cuddly. You would prefer to spend your time at home. You are very concerned about your appearance and spend a lot of time grooming and primping yourself.

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You are a

Your Story

Once upon a time, in a far away land there was a castle inside a mountain. In this enchanted castle Lived a cold hearted, beautiful, ancient Dragon He was the master of his domain. With his power to control wind he spent most of his time making things.

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