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Briar Hedge?

Monday March 19, 2007 - 02:39am
Briar Hedge?

Well, I spent most of this weekend digging up wild roses for a rose hedge we're planning on for the north side of our property. I looked up some info on wild roses and apparently the most effective way to make a hedge with them is to stagger two or more rows of roses, separating the plants by about three feet. I think we have enough roses, if not we can always go dig up some more on my Father-In-Law's property.

I bought some thick leather gloves with safety cuffs so that the thorns don't stab through while I'm transplanting them. The plan so far is to till the area, add manure fertilizer, add peat moss and then cover with potting soil. I know, it sounds like over-kill, but roses love fertilizer. We're going to train them into a nice hedge formation using twine, bamboo sticks and light pruning. I'm hoping the pruning won't be for a few years, they need to settle into the bed before I want to start trimming them back.

A good number of the plants we're transplanting were fairly well established where they were. My Father-In-Law is planting an orchard in the field they've grown in, so he was going to just mow them over if we didn't take them. The look healthy and seem to be really vigorous bloomers. Most likely a five petal, pink variety like the picture above. I haven't seen the blossoms yet, but they did still have hips on them.

I'm still waiting on my seeds from Burpee's. We've snagged some Morning Glories, Heavenly Blue variety. Did you know some people trip using these seeds? We want to plant these Morning Glories mixed with Moonflowers to have morning and evening blooms. Figured it'd be a cool effect on our deck out back.

Speaking of "tripping", I'm beginning to think we should legalize some more of the less dangerous drugs. You know, the ones everybody tries at least once in their life and then moves on. The reasoning behind this is the staggering amount of teens trying dangerous, ultimately lethal, legal ways of getting high.

I'm no angel, in High School I was one of those survivalist types(I still am, actually) who would think about what I could do to prepare myself to survive any situation. Following this line of thought, I starting researching native plants for nutritional and medicinal properties. Long story short, I learned how to prepare lethal herbal poisons. Why? Because I was a teenager and had hormones driving me paranoid. I never thought about getting high, just about staying alive. Hey, I grew up in Flint. You'd be worrying about it too if you grew up in my neighborhoods.

Anyways, some of these concoctions teens are using to get high contain lethal doses of herbs I know will kill you. Trust me, a friend didn't believe me on the toxicity of a plant in botany class and decided to prove me wrong by touching it to her tongue. She spit it out... and shortly turned blue and had to be taken to the hospital.

Kids are now experimenting with anything they can find because they have no outlets. I'm not saying we should stick a joint in the mouth of every teenager, but maybe we shouldn't keep it too far out of their reach. I'd rather catch my kids with a spliff than huffing nail polish, wouldn't you? At least I know the effects of Marijuana on the body and how difficult(but not impossible) it is to get THC poisoning.

I don't know. I'm not a big fan of drugs really. I'm not interested in getting high. I like a nice cigar every now and then, but it doesn't get me high. I like a nice drink occasionally, but I don't get drunk. I'm not going to roll a jay... but I do enjoy the smell when someone else burned one in the vicinity recently.

So come on, let's save our kids by giving them some choices that we've tried and know won't hurt them. Besides, are the side effects any worse than the legal drugs we advertise in entertainment? Not if you do the research for yourself instead of just blindly following the government's decrees.

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