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Why do I blog at OMG in the AM?

Sunday February 18, 2007 - 03:07am

Why do I blog at OMG in the AM? magnify

Well, I finally got around to updating. I posted two public and one "friends only" photo albums. I'll be adding to the Ren Fest album as soon as I find all the blasted pictures. The Samhain album is for everyone who wanted to come to my Samhain dinner last year, but could not attend for various reasons. I have updated pictures of the kids, which I'll post when I get around to uploading the Vivitar. I'm trying to find more examples of our costume designs, and I will when my brain isn't fogged with lack of sleep.

Starting Monday this week I'll be going to the fitness room in our local community center in an attempt to lose weight and improve my health and physical appearance. Azalia and I bought a digital bathroom scale to help guilt ourselves into actually attending two to three times a week. The kids like the pool and they have free daycare for members. Bonus, eh?

I've a small window-sill garden sprouting right now in anticipation of spring. Mainly cooking and tea herbs, it's a good start towards saving a few bucks here and there. I threw a couple of potatoes that started sprouting in the bag in a dish of water and so far they've grown more than anything. I'd like to plant PennyRoyal around the house along with a few other choice pest reducing plants, but I've yet to find the seeds at any local stores.

I bought a slingshot a while back to reduce the amount of squirrels throwing under-ripe fruit out of our two pear trees. If I shoot enough of them, maybe we won't have the swarms of wasps and bees outside our back deck like last year. I've yet to be able to hit one of the bloody tree-rats with my trusty bag of marbles, but they have learned to stay well out of sight when I'm around.

I'm making haphazard progress in my eclectic studies lately, with languages coming out on top. I need to do my computer class work, period. I've little enough to put on my resume as is, an A+ Certification would at least give me some credibility in the PC Repair field. Doesn't it suck how no one will believe you are qualified to do anything unless you've a piece of paper to back up your claim? *shrugs* Well, we shall see...

[Poll copied from original blog, non-functioning here.]
What should I concentrate on right now?
  • 1 vote for: Fitness Center: If you don't have your health, you don't have anything!
  • 0 votes for: Learning Japanese: Being Bilingual is the key to America's Future.
  • 2 votes for: A+ Certification: Stop procrastinating and hit the books! You know you want it. 2

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