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Entry for November 25, 2007

Sunday November 25, 2007 - 07:56pm

Please repost this bulletin to reach a broader range of potential witnesses

This is my Step-Father David. Last night, November 24th 2007, he was beaten and left for dead.

According to what he was able to recall, he had gone out to drink at a strip club somewhere in the vicinity of South Saginaw, Atherton Road, and Dort Highway. While there he met Doc, whom he hadn't seen in ten years. David proceeded to become intoxicated and Doc offered to let him spend the night at his house so he wouldn't have to drive home drunk.

They went to Doc's house and decided to go back out. They headed out to an after-hours club were David was in the racial minority. At some point, Doc pulled up to a Chase Bank ATM and said they needed money.

David refused to pull money from his account. Doc responded by saying that his "posse" would kill David if he didn't give them some money. David refused again and the group, excluding Doc, began assaulting him inside the vehicle. Early into the fight, he suffered a blow to the head with the butt of a gun, splattering blood on the inside of the vehicle.

After neutralizing three of his assailants, David was finally rendered unconscious and left for dead in the middle of the road. He was found at 6:00am today, November 25th 2007, by a stranger and taken to Hurley hospital. Hurley refused to admit him and had him sent home. They did not treat him or contact police upon his arrival.

Today, David is back in the hospital. He is becoming more confused and has suffered more extreme injuries than were previously assumed. He is developing amnesia and may have internal bleeding and long term head injures. His eye-socket was damaged as well.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please report it to the Flint police department 810-237-6800 210 E. Fifth Street Flint. MI 48502 and My Profile, Jessica's Profile or Tracy's Profile in the comments section.

Below are relevant details of the incident as we know them right now.

"Doc" - Black Male 45'ish possibly lives over on Atherton and Saginaw area in a house. Called for assault after being refused money, stayed in the car during the assault. Vehicle: New Cadillac, possibly black.

Assaulted at a Chase Bank ATM inside the vehicle and was dragged out in front of the ATM. Possible video evidence from ATM can be recovered.

8 assailants were waiting at the ATM when David and Doc arrived. David claims he took out three attackers before being subdued. He says that one of the attackers took a blow to the head as a result of being thrown to the ground and did not get back up.

Jessica posted:

*sigh* My stepfather is an idiot. He went out yesterday night to a titty bar in flint. afterwards he got mugged by the people he was with. His face is all kinds of messed up. Broken bones, severed arteries and a concussion. He also has amnesia. My mom doesnt need this stress. So please keep her in you thoughts and prayers. Oh and him too. So let this be a lesson to you. Dont go to titty bars in flint then ride around with random people you dont know. Its a really stupid thing to do. And dont drink if your on meds for mental disorders.

Tracy Posted:

David was assaulted Friday night in downtown Flint. 8 black men jumped him and left him with a cut head with an arital bleed. He has a concussion, fractued eye orbit and many bruises. I will post his pictures on my site be warned the pictures are not pretty. He is confused with intermittant amenisa.

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