Thursday, January 3, 2008

For those of you doing Yule shopping... or Christmas, I suppose.

Monday November 26, 2007 - 02:25pm

For those of you doing Yule shopping... or Christmas, I suppose.

Basic Instructions

I am amused. Are you? For all of you out there would believe we pagans don't celebrate "The Holidays" as you refer to them, consider that most of us don't need a reason to celebrate.

True, I don't celebrate Christmas per say, but I do celebrate Yule. The Winter Solstice falls within a week of Christmas, so I'll decorate a Yule tree with my family and attend parties towards the end of December. Most Christmas traditions originated from pagan roots anyways, so why should I bother suppressing an inclination to have a happy holiday? Just because my holiday isn't the same as yours doesn't mean I can't enjoy it with you.

The other bonus of being an Eclectic Pagan is that I dictate my own belief structure based on research and appropriate content. I do what I like because I know what it means. I like what I do because it means something to me. Besides, my kids enjoyed decorating the evergreen we dug up(which we'll be planting in the yard). Okay, so they didn't decorate it; my wife and I did. They enjoy eating the popcorn garlands and candy canes when we're not looking and watching the flashing lights during the ensuing sugar high.

Yeah, our ornaments are edible, inexpensive and our tree is very much alive. *chuckles* Did you know that "Yule Tree" is a lot easier for a three-year old to pronounce and remember than "Christmas Tree"? Heh, pick and choose your battles, eh?

EDIT: I'm including this video here due to the horrific tendency of seasonal shoppers to over-burden themselves with debt. Enjoy, and I hope it makes your skin crawl.

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