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This is why I don't draw...

Sunday February 5, 2006 - 10:50pm

This is why I don't draw... magnify

Right, so I got this idea during the weekend that I could make up for our lack of photographs of costumes by drawing our designs. I considered buying a book, but figured I'd look online for a tutorial first to get an idea of where my skills lie.

Long story short, I suck at drawing. The hand-drawn version was even worse than the one I did in MS Paint. Azalia said it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't gonna win any prizes either. Well, maybe I'll stick with it for a little while. After all, I can't get worse.

In other news, we've just finished a Great Kilt and Nobleman's Tunic for a friend of ours, Josh. This tunic is probably the best one we've made so far, our at least Azalia's best work. My grommet work sucked ass. I put them too close together and they're crooked... but both sides of the collar and cuffs match. Odd, eh? He's happy with it, and it really looks great on him. $80 if we hadn't traded the costume for car repairs. Too bad the car got smashed a few months later.

Leslie, Josh's fiance, wants us to make her an outfit next. Get this: Shift, Corset, Dress and Floral Snood. Azalia's never used the Corset or Dress patterns that Leslie wants, so we have to make a couple of practice ones first. She'll have to crochet the entire snood and then make-up a wire headpiece to hold the flowers in place. We're gonna go through a whole bunch of boning for the practice and final corsets and then remeasure Leslie, because the corset will change her dress size, for the final fitting. A whole lotta work for this costume, normally about $750 at least to get us to even consider it. Leslie's a friend too, so we're cutting her a deal at about $575 not including the fitting corset and dress. She has odd measurements that exceed the pattern's specs, so we need to make probably two practice corsets and dresses before the final products.

Duane, aka Monkey, said he'd be back in town Friday, February 10th. We've been waiting on him to come back up here so that we can give him the rest of his costume and take pictures of him in it. Before Leslie, he held the record for expensive outfit at a whopping $350. Nobleman's Tunic and Vest, both in Satin; Velveteen and Satin Cloak; and a pair of Black (tweed?) indian pants. It's a nice costume. He'll definitely be commented on as he struts by the pub at the Michigan RenFest in Holly, or anywhere else for that matter. He gets around, he's a trucker after all.

*sighs* Well, my son is screaming so I'm done typing now.

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