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One-gallon clear plastic jugs: Gardening use number one.

Wednesday November 28, 2007 - 09:23pm

One-gallon clear plastic jugs: Gardening use number one.

Okay, this is part one of my series on how useful one-gallon jugs can be. Be they milk jugs, water jugs or whatever kind of clear plastic one-gallon jugs you have lying around; here are some wonderful ways of recycling them. Enjoy and I hope this helps out a few people.

Plant pot and dirt scoop from a one-gallon jug.

I did this last year and my scoop is still going strong. My plant pot is showing a little wear and tear around the handle from exposure to the elements, but I could still throw some dirt and seeds in the bottom. If you use this plant pot indoors it should last you a good long time.

Step 1: Get a one-gallon clear plastic jug. Wash and rinse out the inside to remove any residue from its previous contents. It doesn't need to be bone dry, but a good toweling off will help with your grip as you proceed.

Step 2: Get a good pair of kitchen of gardening scissors. Try to make sure they are good and sharp with a prominent point at the end. They don't need to be heavy-duty, but it is going to be cutting through plastic.

Step 3: Cut the corner opposite the handle off the jug. Starting from half-way up the jug, make an incision in the corner opposite the handle of the jug. Circle around towards the top from your initial opening, cutting around the top of the jug and avoiding cutting into the handle or the opening in the top. Bring the scissors back down to meet your original incision and free the scoop from the jug.

Step 4: Poke drainage holes in the bottom of your planter pot. Using the pointed end of the scissors, poke a series of holes in the bottom of the planter pot for excess water to drain out.

Congratulations! You now have a planter pot and a scoop to fill it with dirt! To use your scoop, place your thumb in the hole and splay your fingers along the backside of the scoop. It works like a charm and makes digging dirt out of potting soil bags simple. The planter pot with its convenient handle is great for seed starting or culinary herbs.


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