Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Entry for January 30, 2006

Monday January 30, 2006 - 12:59am

What the hell am I missing? I'm so miserable and bored. I have two beautiful children, a daughter and a son, and a wonderful wife. I have a decent job working for my parents, while it's not fulfilling or rewarding, and I'm slowly but surely crawling back up out of debt. I don't really have a reason to feel like this, but I'm just so empty...

There, that's my EMO tribute.

I finished typing up those questions for my PC Repair course. I wish my printer worked, then I could print them out and start working on Lesson 5. I'd like to finish this course and get my A+ Certification as soon as possible, but I keep getting road-blocks thrown at me. Besides, unless I figure something out, the test is gonna cost me $100-$200! I heard there is a program at Mott Community College where I can take the test free of charge, I still need to check into that though.

Once I finish this I hope to start on another course, maybe Visual Basic or some networking course. It'd be nice to get my Cisco Networking Certification too. Azalia says she wants me to start back into college when we move down to Tennessee. I think I'll change my major from CIS to CET and concentrate more on the hardware aspect of computers and driver programming. That way, if all else fails, I can make something kickass if I know how to build PC cards for PCI or AGP slots. Most likely PCI, AGP video cards are pretty complex and I'd rather make something that uses RF to control an external mechanical component.

I have a shitload of other projects in the works: for example; My new fighting staff still needs me to finish wrapping it; I need to figure out a system that will run like clockwork for our costuming business; I have to contact Lisa regarding RenFest this year; We need to really buckle down and potty train Kat; I need to finish the video on colors and fruits for Kat and Alex; I need to troubleshoot various things on my own PC; I have a list of shit I need to finish at work... *sighs* I just wish I could get SOMETHING done.

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