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Tuesday March 20, 2007 - 10:57pm


Read these.

I just don't fucking believe it... I'm not a user, it doesn't effect me if it's illegal or not, but this is outrageous.

You know, I'm really not interested in becoming a political activist, but maybe we all need to give out some political "black eyes" to our current government. We've already started backing George W. Bush into a corner, why stop there?

I for one, will not stand idly by. I vow here and now to exercise my right to vote to see that changes get made for what I want America to be.

Be warned Politicians:

I am going to make informed votes. I am going to encourage fellow citizens to make informed votes by disseminating information and/or persuasive essays and conversations. And worst of all, I'm going to teach my children to do the same thing!

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Do you vote every time you have the opportunity?
  • 0 votes for: Yes, absolutely!
  • 2 votes for: I try to.
  • 1 vote for: No.

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