Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I have my onions. Where's my garlic?

Wednesday March 28, 2007 - 10:17pm

I have my onions. Where's my garlic?

Well, I finally received my onion plants in the mail from Burpee. Didn't really have much information in the box. I didn't really need two bunches of onions if I'm going to be planting them 5-6 inches apart in a garden that's only 5x10, and I want other plants in there too.

*shrugs* Well, shit happens. I planted the rest of them in a pot to keep them moist and happy, because they sure as hell don't look like they enjoyed the trip. After putting them in the ground, they did seem to be doing a bit better. I enjoyed planting them and really wish we'd have had the time or energy to dig the really big garden we wanted.

Hell, by the time we learned how to effectively use the damn rototiller, we had to take the bloody thing back to the co-op. Fifty odd bucks plus tax for one day, though we picked it up on Saturday and didn't have to return it until Monday. If I had a shed, I'd have just bought a nice one with our tax return. Too bad buying a shed would've eaten a good chunk of our tax return...

My Habaneros have finally sprouted. I'm looking forward to putting those in the ground too. I'll enjoy doing it... and I have more seeds to sprout and need the space they are occupying, along with the marigolds, chamomile and pennyroyal.

You know, I'm really lamenting my Father-in-Law blowing us off last weekend when he said he'd come over with his rear-tine rototiller and help us. I'm paranoid enough as is without someone giving me lame excuses on why they can't show up after they gave their "iron-clad" word. *shakes his head* I really don't have anything against him. We have a difference of opinion when it comes to religion, but who the hell cares? It'd be nice if instead of excuses, he just gave honest answers. A simple, "No, I don't want to" is a helluva lot better than beating around the damn bush!

Sorry, too many webcomics about teen angst lately... and where the hell is the garlic I ordered at the same damn time as these limp excuses for onions! Is it too much trouble to package shit together? *grumble, grumble*

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