Thursday, January 3, 2008

Messaging in Yahoo! 360 might need some adjusting...

Friday March 30, 2007 - 02:16am

Messaging in Yahoo! 360 might need some adjusting...

Did anyone else notice that you can write more in a comment on someone's blog than you can in a message to them? I know that Yahoo! discourages giving your email address to anyone in a 360 message, but shouldn't that be incentive enough to increase the character length allowed? It's odd, 4000 characters for a "comment" seems a bit lengthy, but 2000 for a message seems far too short. I'm long winded, I need my space.

I doubt I'll see any action taken on this issue by Yahoo!, but honestly I'll simply find a way around it. I'm not that private of a person, I may just say the hell with it and post my messages on blogs and tell people to email me at my Yahoo! address, which is the same as my Yahoo! ID of course. Yeah, really hard to figure out. Privacy, anonymity? Bah, what're those good for?

Still no garlic in the mail today, just bills. Azalia and I did go out and buy another grow light for the seed starting area. I'm curious as to how many I need to hang before my seedlings stop leaning towards the window during the day. Habaneros and marigolds are looking great. Chamomile and pennyroyal look about the same, but they're significantly shorter.

Finally got some more peppermint tea. I ran out this week and had been feeling run down without my dosage of Green Tea and Peppermint caffeine. I think I was going through caffeine withdrawl, which would explain the grumpiness.

My blood pressure has been up lately too, or at least I hope those spots I see that look like bugs darting out of my field of vision are due to my blood pressure... I've a thing against sleeping in an area I know is frequented by insects. I keep a clean house, or as clean as you can with two toddlers running around, so I don't think any bugs have moved in. I've just had a lot of visual oddities lately and I'm thinking I need to go back to the doctor and have my blood work finished.

I finally found out where Green Tea comes from, Camellia sinensis. I want one. I would save so much money if I could grow that stuff myself. This and some peppermint, which is already in my yard, is all I need for my caffeine fix. I might fiddle around with getting one and having it as a potted plant, but there are some that are winter hardy to zone 6. I like those odds.

Hmmm... I'm getting that delirious feeling again. Maybe that means I really do need sleep on occasion?

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